Preclinical Xenograft Model

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PDX are models of cancer where the tissue or cells from a patient's tumor are implanted into an immunodeficient or humanized mouse and test the efficacy of various anti-cancer drugs. The cancer microenvironment realized in PDX enables more accurate assessment of drug action and can provide information to predict the patient's clinical environment.
The liquid biopsy platform of CytoGen is applied to the PDX model to detect CTCs efficiently evaluate new drug efficacy. Determine efficacy after administering different types of anticancer drugs

Significance of PDX Development and Effects
- Development of animal models for the efficacy test of anticancer drugs in vivo.
- Evaluation /validation of efficacy of a drug prior to clinical trials.
- Cut hours and costs for the drug development by minimizing unnecessary clinical trials using PDX mouse model.
Cancer Drug Evaluation Using PDX Mouse
Repeated cancer cell sampling through CTC-based liquid biopsy Accurate and Effective Anticancer Drug Analysis